2020 news

The year 2020 arrived and my sister Sally Taylor and I realised it was 10 years since we had started to develop the archive of our Great Uncle Charles’ work and it was time to take stock and review future plans.

Sally decided that she felt we had done all we could to raise his profile and that she had other projects that she wanted to pursue.

On the other hand, I felt that it was important to maintain a presence via this blog and to be open to expressions of personal interest and /or to work with galleries or museums that might want to use his work in exhibitions in the future.

As part of winding down our efforts we bequeathed the 13 etching plates that we held and a set of second strike prints, along with some other bits and pieces to the Royal College of Art Archives, so they have now gone “home”. This felt like an appropriate sort of sign off for our work for Uncle Charles.

I have no doubt that this blog is likely to maintain a quiet presence and intend to provide just an annual update/review, unless other and exciting things need to be shared!
Since you got this far into the site, I hope you have enjoyed reading and learning about FC Dixon.

Suzy Williams
Great Niece to FC Dixon

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