2020 news

The year 2020 arrived and my sister Sally Taylor and I realised it was 10 years since we had started to develop the archive of our Great Uncle Charles’ work and it was time to take stock and review future plans.

Sally decided that she felt we had done all we could to raise his profile and that she had other projects that she wanted to pursue.

On the other hand, I felt that it was important to maintain a presence via this blog and to be open to expressions of personal interest and /or to work with galleries or museums that might want to use his work in exhibitions in the future.

As part of winding down our efforts we bequeathed the 13 etching plates that we held and a set of second strike prints, along with some other bits and pieces to the Royal College of Art Archives, so they have now gone “home”. This felt like an appropriate sort of sign off for our work for Uncle Charles.

I have no doubt that this blog is likely to maintain a quiet presence and intend to provide just an annual update/review, unless other and exciting things need to be shared!
Since you got this far into the site, I hope you have enjoyed reading and learning about FC Dixon.

Suzy Williams
Great Niece to FC Dixon

TBC Derby Museum and Art Galley 2019/2020

Dixon was born and lived in Derby up until the time he went to the RCA in London.
He studied at the Derby School of Arts and Crafts between 1920 -1924 and the Art Gallery hold two of his works.
We are currently finalising an Exhibition to be held there sometime in2019/20 - tbc.

Review of the Cheese and Grain Exhibition in Frome in March 2018

We had a good local exhibition here in the South West slightly curtailed by “The Beast from the East” bringing snow and sub-zero temperatures twice that month and reducing visitor numbers somewhat.
However the exhibition generated a lot of interest and we received encouraging feedback about the quality of Dixon’s work as ever – there was obvious pleasure taken by many people in looking at the art work and observing the wonderful detail in many of the etchings. 

This led us to generate further sales of his prints more locally later in the year which was rewarding – a clear indication of his work continuing to be appreciated almost a hundred years on.

Exhibition at Abbott and Holder Ltd, London

Wednesday 4th - Saturday 14th May 2016.
Address 30 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH (opposite the British Museum).

The work of F C Dixon, FCA, will be exhibited at the Abbott and Holder Gallery in the first part of May, coinciding with the London Print Fair at the Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly 5th ? 8th May.

Limited edition prints will be available for purchase through Abbott and Holder during the F C Dixon exhibition. They have been produced in 2102/13 by Martin Ridgwell, Master Printer and Fellow of the Royal Society of Printmakers and Watercolourists.

Review of the Aberystwyth Exhibition January 2016.

We had a very successful exhibition at The School of Art Aberystwyth University during December 2015 and January 2016. The University holds the national print archive so it was a particularly special and appropriate place to show the work of our Great Uncle, F C Dixon alongside around 20 or so pieces by his RCA colleagues work.

We had a very warm welcome from Professor Robert Meyrick (Head of School and Keeper of Art) and Neil Holland (curator). The team there had hung Dixon's work and that of his RCA colleagues beautifully the room and hanging really did them justice. The exhibition was on at the same time as the School of Art was exhibiting a selection from their archive of some 22,000 prints, so we felt privileged to be hung alongside them.

Each year the School of Art has around 12,000 visitors, so although there aren't specific records of how many people came to the exhibition we estimate around 500 or so may have been through (it's busier In the summer time of course). This included a group of Chinese students who greatly appreciated F C Dixon's draughtsmanship and spent a lot of time looking at the details.

In addition to holding the exhibition we decided to donate some of Dixon's work to the University to leave a legacy for the future. In all we donated 6 of Dixon's original prints from the 1920s and 1980s plus 2 pencil studies for the Regent Street and Putney Hill etchings.
We also donated a pen and ink self portrait of Dixon, a pencil and watercolour study of a man's head (sitter unknown), plus an etching "After Goya" and a wood engraving of Moreton Hampstead done by Dixon while at the RCA as practice pieces.
Finally we donated a pencil portrait Dixon had done of Ceri Richard's (a fellow RCA student of Dixon's) which Aberystwyth were delighted to have as they hold some key works of Richards' already - see below.

This is what Professor Robert Meyrick said about the exhibition and donations:
It is a…. privilege to be showing the work of F C Dixon in our gallery. It is such a good fit with our collection, research interests and teaching activities. Our students will learn a lot from them -- not least what good drawing looks like.

This afternoon we went through the folio you left for us and of course are delighted to accession these wonderful prints for the university collection. They will eventually be scanned and available for all to see online…….It is especially appropriate that the drawing of Ceri Richards should come to Aberystwyth. I will send a photo of it to his daughter Rhiannon. I'll bet she does not know it exists and will be pleased to see it….. Ceri's large canvas "Tulips" (below) hangs on our main staircase. We also have in Old College his very last canvas which was actually a commission from the university, for our chapel.