Colleagues of FC Dixon

Students at the Royal College of Art 1924 – 1928

FC Dixon (Charles to his family) attended the Royal College of Art at a time when printmaking, and etching in particular, were highly respected arts.
He studied alongside a number of well-known and less well-known artists and it was common practice at the time for students to swap early pressings from the printing process, hence many of the works held by Charles in his own collection.

His most well known colleagues included Edward Bawden, Eric Ravillious, and Charles Tunnicliffe but other lesser known artists were well known and respected in their day and the quality and variety of work is noteworthy.

The information on this page sheds light on some of these artists and where known, their relationship with Charles.

Grace Golden
1904 – 1993
Colleague of Charles’ at the RCA.
Some of her work is still exhibited/held by the Tate Gallery and National Archives.
Worked as an illustrator for publications ranging from Enid Blyton and the “Swift” Annual, to works for the Ministry of Labour and National Service during WW2. Publications
Old Bankside 1951,
The Wonderful Winter
by Marchette Chute 1954,
Theatre and Music in Odham's The Modern Children's Library of Knowledge 1958.
Commissioned to make drawings for Sam Wannamaker’s restoration of the Globe Theatre in London.

Edgar Ainsworth
1905 - 1975
Colleague of Charles’ at the RCA.
Illustrator, poster designer, painter, printmaker and art editor. Between the wars he exhibited at the Royal Academy, Manchester City Art Gallery, New English Art Club and Goupil Gallery.
During the 1930s he designed posters for Shell and the Empire Marketing Board.

Ainsworth became art editor for the Picture Post and in this role he sent Mervyn Peake to witness the liberation of Belsen concentration camp. He went to the camp himself shortly afterwards to make his own set of powerful illustrations which were later published in the magazine.

Evelyn Gibbs
1904 – 1991
Colleague of Charles’ at the RCA and also studied at the British School in Rome; one of the first women to win the Prix de Rome for engraving.
Her work is held by the Arts Council, Tate Gallery and the Ashmolean Museum, amongst others. In 1943 she founded the “Midland Group”, and was well known as an educationalist when she worked at Goldsmiths College. Her collection is held by the University of Aberystwyth.

Kenneth Holmes
1902 – 1994
Colleague of Charles’ at the RCA.
Worked in England and Europe (mainly Italy) and won the Prix de Rome for his drypoint “Flight into Egypt”. He travelled extensively in the USA and some of his work is held
by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, as well as by the Victoria and Albert Museum in England.

Roy Morris
1890 – 1967
Tutor to Charles at Derby Art College.
Exhibited at RA, NEAC, RBA and at Derby Art Gallery.
Works held by the V&A and British Museum

Edward Payne

1906 – 1991
Colleague of Charles’ at the RCA. Painter and Stained Glass Artist.
His family were closely associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement including William Morris in the Midlands.
Works held by The Imperial War Museum and Cheltenham Art Gallery; best seen in churches in Gloucestershire and in the parish church at Box, Wiltshire.
After graduating from the RCA he moved to Gloucestershire to work with his father, Henry Payne, the renowned stained glass artist.

Geoffrey Wedgewood
1900 – 1997

Printmaker etchings, drypoint, and line engraving.
Studied at Liverpool City School of Art, The British School of Rome and The Royal College of Art.
Winner of the Prix de Rome for Engraving in 1925.

Marion Adnams
1899 – 1995.
Lived and worked most of her life in Derby.
Known to Charles via her brother who was a school friend.
Best known for her paintings which had strong surrealist influences.

Arthur Dalby
1900 – 1961
Connection to Charles not known.
Lived in Camberley in Surrey.
Worked as a Government Appointed Inspector of Art Schools.